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Side stand extension

BMW F650GS 08-12, BMW F700GS 13-, BMW F800GS 08-12, BMW F800GS 13-

Another problem drivers will have from time to time is the less surface of the original sidestand. The weight of the bike rests ona much to small point of the ground. On asphalt it isn't a problem, but when the motorcycle is been placed on natural earth it can subside and even tip over. 

Our solution for this problem is a stand extension, that was placed on the foot of the original sidestand. It consists of three pieces, that were fixed together with two screws. There is no need to fix it on the original side-stand, because the shape of the three parts keep them at the right place and the profile of the shoe prevents the bike from subsiding or slipping away in the most cases, when it's used regular. 

The robustness, the easy installation and the functionality are the features of this product to make your hobby, your tour as easy as possible.

24.60 EUR